Hey, PS3 Thieves, Don't Punch Women In The Face

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Look, crime is a part of life. Some people are jerks and will try and steal things. But there are limits, and punching a female Radio Shack employee in the face just to get a PS3 is stepping over those limits.

Excuse the "armed robbery" jokes from the Fox pundits, who eventually get around to telling us that the poor lady in this clip, a 20 year-old employee at a Radio Shack in Silver Spring, Maryland, tried to stop a man from stealing a PlayStation 3 from her store and got a fist to the chin for her troubles.

Police have released footage of the incident in the hopes a member of the public can help identify the suspect.


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Oh my God! It's so difficult to take that clip seriously. I mean...just...wow!

Is this how news is often delivered in America. I always thought that those parodies were always exaggerating, but they don't. It's exactly the same.

"You turn him in you could probably buy a couple of Playstations"

Seriously, is this how a serious story is delivered? I've seen some CNN and some Bloomberg, so they are a little different from what I have experienced (obviously so with Bloomberg) but how common is this?

I'm not saying that English news is top tier stuff, the same with the stuff in Asia. But this is comical.