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Move over, Christmas. Step aside, Hanukkah. There's a new holiday to celebrate this December: Nintendo's National StreetPass Weekend that—hmm—spreads across two nations.


Details in the video here:

Text explanation, if you prefer: If you use a Nintendo 3DS to check into a Nintendo Zone location in the U.S. or Canada (sorry, Mexico) on December 14 and 15, you'll be able to StreetPass with people from around the country (countries?) instead of just people who StreetPassed with that Nintendo Zone location. This will get you up to six Miis at once from all sorts of regions, diversifying the crowd of Miis you're collecting with the system. (Use the interactive map on this page to find out if there's a Nintendo Zone near you.)


We here at Kotaku are obsessed with StreetPassing, so we preemptively approve of this holiday.

Want to get better at StreetPassing? Of course you do. Check out our Howtu below...

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