Alex from, you guessed it, Bulgaria writes:

So i wanted to buy Duke Nukem 3D from arcade store and surprise "THIS ITEM IS NOT AVAILABLE FROM YOUR CURRENT LOCATION". Sorry, but when is Bulgaria became Germany, Japan and Korea? On Major Nelson blog i read this "Availability: Not available in Germany, Japan and Korea". I tried to buy DOOM too and guess what? That's right, born at the wrong location again. What do i have to do in order to buy and play that game? Anyone? Anyone?!


Alex from, that's right, Bulgaria continues after the jump.

The other thing I'm very frustrated is that Microsoft Bulgaria (this mean that Microsoft too, right?) doesn't care for XBOX at all. I never saw any advertising of the XBOX/XBOX360/Zune or whatsoever. They not sell the consoles nor the games, they not provide any technical assistance/help. When something happens to your console, you will get it repaired if you go to Greece. Come on, WTF!?! Bulgaria is a small country i know, but is that the attitude and strategy Microsoft chose to win new costumers? I have to depend on some importers to buy from them the console or games and i have to pay more that retail price ofcourse. Good job Microsoft, this is the way you will win the console war.


Because dammit, Bulgaria decides the console winner. And right now, Bulgaria is so pissed at you, Microsoft.

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