Hey, Maybe This iPhone Thing Won't Be So Bad After All

Ignore, for a moment, the commentary indicating the game's propensity for crashing. Raging Thunder isn't exactly a big-budget title. What it is, however, is a shining example of just why the iPhone holds so much potential as a gaming device. If some backyard coders can come up with something that looks this good, and takes such precise advantage of the iPhone's accelerometer, imagine what proper devs can do. Or, at least, what a creatively engineered copy of Mario Kart could do.

[via Gizmodo]


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Hm. I'm going to have to disagree with incredibilistic. Apple and Sony's business plans are so far beyond opposite, that something like that could NEVER happen. Now, Apple and Nintendo teaming up is a possibility. Now, me being a hardcore Apple fanboy, I'd love to see Sony taken over in the handheld market by something as trivial as a phone. Now before you think i'm crazy let me explain.

For a long, long time (well, since early 1996 when I got a playstation) I have been a Sony fanboy. I mean, FAN BOY. Sony tvs, vcrs, minidisc players, walk mans, stereos, car stereos, camcorders, digicams and consoles. Nothing Sony did was wrong, in my ignorant eyes.

Then they released this thing called the 'psp'- the biggest waste of $250 ever spent by anyone ever. Granted, i now LOVE my psp. But for no reasons sony has anything to do with. The homebrew society out there is the only reason that machine sold more than 1000 units. Then, when they have the nerve to charge me $600 for a ps3 that does no more than play fancy dvds, i've just about had enough from them.

Let Apple show them up at their own game with cheap, fun cell phone games and encourage outside and homebrew development.

End fanboy rant. I'm sorry