Hey, LucasArts—How About Making a Star Wars NBA Game?

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We get sent weird and hilarious emails all the time, but there is a subtle brilliance to what one Australian reader, Chris, is proposing. I'll just offer it here, verbatim:

Hi Owen,

Mate, would love to see LucasArts bring out a Star Wars sports game, featuring arcade-style NBA, NFL, baseball and NHL. I would love to use Yoda as my point guard on the Rebel Alliance team dishing inside to Chewbacca to dunk over Darth Vader in the paint. Boba Fett would make a pretty decent Shawn Kemp-style power forward for the Empire but pretty sure Han Solo's Dirk Nowitzki-type offense would outplay him.

Any chance you can bring the idea up on Sportaku and see if the concept can get any traction?


Now, I'm as capable of suggesting video games to LucasArts, EA Sports or 2K Sports as I am of suggesting an ending for this year's NCAA Tournament. Both will be acted on accordingly. But I totally see Earl Boykins and Yoda going one-on-one.

Plus, the analogy of Boba Fett as Shawn Kemp is dead perfect. Kemp also started a clone army with his DNA.


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Hey LucasArts! How about making a non-Star Wars game?