Hey Look, There Are More Mega Evolved Pokemon. Including, Yes, Fairies

Oh yes, there's more. Last week we saw the reveal of mega evolved Pokemon, like Mega Mewtwo and Mega Blaziken. Today, Nintendo released footage of a few more Mega Evolutions: Mega Ampharos, Mega Absol, Mega Mawile....plus, there's footage of Mega Kangaskhan from this weekend's Pokemon World Championships.


If nothing else, many Mega Pokemon have some fab hair, eh? What shampoo do you think they use?

Kangaskhan may not have amazing hair, but it may be the coolest Mega Pokemon revealed thus far just by virtue of having the baby Kangaskhan come out of its pouch. It can even attack twice! Check out the reveal from this weekend; this footage which was captured by Nugget Bridge:

So! Here's some details on these new Mega Pokemon, straight from the official Pokemon website. When Ampharos mega evolves, not only does it gain white fur, but it also becomes the dragon type. That means, when mega evolved, it's electric-dragon type. It'll also gain the ability "Mold Breaker," and because of the type change, gain STAB from dragon moves (same type attack bonus).

Mega Absol, meanwhile, merely gains higher speed and attack, in addition to the "Magic Bounce" ability.


When Mawile mega evolves, it gains the ability "Huge Power," and its defense and special defense increase. EDIT: I initially wrote that it turned into the fairy type, but it already is the fairy type in X & Y.


And in case you're lost: Mega Evolutions refer to temporary power-ups which Pokemon can receive during battle.

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