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Don Mattrick has, reportedly, 50 million reasons to smile this week, ditching Microsoft and all things Xbox for Zynga and the leadership of all things 'Ville. But you can see traces of that big money smile going back 30 years, when he appeared on a newsmakers-style quiz show on CBC.


Here he is on "Front Page Challenge" with Jeff Sember, the co-founder of Distinctive Software, Inc., the studio the two set up as teenagers in 1982. It became what is today EA Canada, the oldest and largest studio owned by the publisher, and makers of the NHL and FIFA series and the original developers of Need for Speed.


Mattrick and Sember made news in 1983 as a couple of enterprising video game tycoons who had made a lot of money. "Front Page Challenge" featured a panel of journalists who attempted to guess, 20-questions style, who was in the studio and why they had been in the news. After their identities were revealed, they were interviewed.

The clip is below, it's about 8 minutes long and you'll have to watch two ads from the CBC first, but it's worth it to see Mattrick dance when the panelist guesses (facetiously) that they're the comedy duo Wayne and Shuster.

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