Hey Look, It's Another New Tekken 6 Trailer

We know what you're thinking — we already got a new Tekken 6 trailer this month. But, hey, here's another one.

This trailer is a little too on heavy collapsing floors, though. Too heavy, collapsing floors, geddit?


Tekken 6 was originally released in Japanese arcades in late 2007 and will be hitting the PlayStation 3, PSP and Xbox 360 later this year.

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You don't judge a fighter based on it's looks, but sadly, you guys are the majority of SF4's sales that propel my favorite genre to where it is. Game looks amazing in arcades, the pace has been tweaked, characters rebalanced, and new gameplay tweaks. This is what new iterations of fighters bring to the table, if you're playing a fighter based on it's lookd, I'm just curious as to how long that lasts. I love SF4 but the game looks hideous in comparison to this.