Hey Jerry Bruckheimer, Why Do Movie Games Suck?

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It's a good question! One that Jerry Bruckheimer - with his silver screen experience and interest in the games business - is well-placed to answer.


Speaking with Games Radar, the ginger fox (and overseer of the upcoming Prince of Persia flick) answers with "I couldn't tell you that. They just haven't quite captured the imagination of the audience yet, but they will. I think it will definitely happen, whether we do it or other people do it."


Well, hopefully you do it. I'm not paying $10-15 just to see Jake Gyllenhaal prance around with his shirt off...more than one or two times.

Can Jerry Bruckheimer attract female gamers? [Games Radar]

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Well it's mostly because you're revisiting the same story, whose twists and turns you know and have experienced and not another story in the universe.

If it's changed, then it's an adaptation and adapted works are always criticized, see books for example. Except in the case of books, people read a lot less these days or more precisely fewer people have read the source-novel from where a movie is adapted and enjoy the movie.

Whereas if it's a game, it's directly dealing with the audience that played the game as it's usually a similar storyline as well.

Not only, a lot of films don't deal with the source material well. Maybe the release of a game exploring another part of a story which is already being dealt with in the movie can fare better.

This strategy is currently being tested - can't really say if it'll work or not at this stage.

Also a video-game to film adaptation might work better if it was 25 years later (collective memory loss) and the source material is still adaptable.