Hey Japan, Welcome To Western Gaming

If you every wonder why some Japanese players have a bad impression of Western gamers, read this post.

These two images are doing the rounds on the Japanese internet, and they apparently depict a message from one message from one Battlefield 1943 player (supposedly an American) to a Japanese player. Battlefield 1943 is a multi-player first-person shooter set during World War II. Players are either America or Japan. In the West, online gaming for first-person shooters is stereotypically the bastion of slurs and smack talk.


It is unclear what promoted this message. Of course, the message, written in simplistic Japanese using English letters, could be fake.

The message reads:

"SENDER: Name withheld
TITLE: Fuckng JAP cheater

You stupid JAP cheater. Because your dick is small, you're angry, huh? Do you remember HIROSHIMA and NAGASAKI?? We can do that again. Underhanded, idiotic dickhead. Japanese girls love Americans because Japanese guys' dicks are small. You probably don't have a girlfriend. Of course, you're a dumbass."


Those on the Japanese internet are quick to point out the overuse of the words "dick" (chinko) and "stupid" (baka).



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