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At the San Francisco Zoo yesterday, photographer Christina Spicuzza captured five pictures of gorillas playing around with a DSi XL. They later touched a monolith and used the handheld to slay an eohippus.


I kid! I kid! The story here goes that a kid dropped his DSi XL into the primates' enclosure, and the larger gorilla seen here picked it up. A younger gorilla came over and asked for it, and was refused.

A zookeeper went in and traded the device for a much more useful apple, giving it back to the kid who dropped it. Spicuzza reports that, despite the fall and some gorilla slobber, the DSi XL still works, like a Samsonite suitcase.


There are four more pictures and a video at Spicuzza's Flickr page below. Enjoy!

The Gorilla and the Nintendo [Christina Spicuzza on Flickr, republished under Creative Commons license with attribution. Via TinyCartridge and Nintendocu]

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