Hey, Game Companies! One of Comics' Best Writers Wants You to Turn His Newest Work into a Game

When I saw Greg Rucka at the Oni Press booth during New York Comic-Con, I was just going to say how much I'm enjoying his run on the re-launch of The Punisher. (Oni's published Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim comics, among others.) But, when I saw that he was wearing a N7 Mass Effect t-shirt, I remembered that he's also a pretty avid gamer and wrote a Perfect Dark novel that coincided with the Perfect Dark Zero Xbox 360 launch title. So I had a quick chat with him about co-op coming to Mass Effect 3 and which of his creator-owned works he'd want turned into a video game. Sword-fighting on a giant zeppelin? Count me in.


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I want P.A.D. to write a video game!!!

Something like Uncharted would be nice, not gameplay-wise, story delivery wise, through ingame dialogues between characters.

Uncharted, as a series, is heavy on witty banters between its characters. I can't think of anybody else who can write with humor and snappy references like Peter Allan David. He has turned uninteresting background characters into such compelling characters that rival mainstream superheroes.