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Hey, Final Fantasy Explorers Looks Pretty Good

Fashion modeling agency Square Enix just released a handful of new trailers for Final Fantasy Explorers, which will be out for 3DS in Japan this December.


There's no U.S. release date for Final Fantasy Explorers yet, but it's looking good so far. Monster Hunter-style gameplay with Final Fantasy classes and beasts. I'm sold.

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I've only tried a Monster Hunter game for PSP, and Soul Sacrifice for Vita, but so far, I have no idea what the appeal is of Monster Hunter-alikes such as this one. The controls are slow and awkward, you spend most of your time hammering away at an enemy who shows no sign of reacting to your attempts to pummel it, and you usually are forced into co-op and can only SORTA/KINDA play them as single-player. None of these things fills me with joy, but maybe I've played the wrong ones.