It's pretty cool that Jennifer Hale was the subject of such a great New Yorker profile. Not just because she finally played Mass Effect while doing it, and not even because I totally have a quote in the article. No, it's cool because Jennifer Hale is the queen of voice acting, and she deserves the recognition.

Her employers at BioWare agree, tweeting their enthusiasm about the article and congratulating one @mizzyjennifers, a.k.a. Jennifer Hale.

But hang on a second; let's take another look at this Miss Hale's bio: "Uncomfy being naked, but it's money, right?" Hmm...


Indeed, it appears as though this particular Jennifer Hale is either a spambot or some sort of chat-sex operator. After that was pointed out, BioWare quickly updated their twitter feed. Heh.

Hey, I think we're selling this "mizzyjennifers" character short. I'm sure that she's done some pretty cool stuff, too! Like... well... tweeting the same thing over and over again and... having a surprisingly large number of followers... and probably some other stuff.

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