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Hey Americans! Learn How To Buy SFIV Cabinets

Yes, there are Street Fighter IV cabinets in America. Intern Jim even checked them out in the Chinatown Fair arcade in Manhattan. That's not the only place as a handful of arcades across the country have them, too — places like Arcade UFO in Austin. Does that mean the arcade version has been officially released in America? No. Then how the heck are these machines ending up on American arcade soil? According to game blog Multiplayer: 1. Shell out over US$20,000 for the cabinets 2. You must order four cabinets — they are networked and are not sold individually. 3. Import from Japan by sticking the boards in non-SFIV cabinets. 4. If you don't want to do this, sit tight. Capcom USA wants to officially release the game in America. That, or you can just wait for the console versions. (But it's not the same!) How To Buy A ‘Street Fighter IV' Arcade Cabinet (It's Not Easy!) [Multiplayer]


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