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He's Level 9 In Skyrim. He Hasn't Killed Anything.

YouTube user WestSideLuigi is playing Skyrim as a pacifist. He's at level eight and has zero kills. "This is what I do with wolves: calm them, turn them into peaceful little puppies."


He's playing as Felix the Cat (or Felix the Peaceful Monk, it's not clear). He refuses to go on any quests that require him to kill anything or anyone. He won't kill anything because, he says, Felix wouldn't.

"Felix the Cat doesn't even kill the undead," WesSideLuigi says. "He's just a great guy."


Watch the video to see how he pulls all this off.

Illustration for article titled Hes Level 9 In emSkyrim/em. He Hasnt Killed Anything.

Here are his stats.

Felix the Peaceful Monk - Skyrim Commentary [YouTube, thanks Dan!]

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And now tougher enemies will kill him easily because he has no combat skills!

Thanks Bethesda!