In today's special cartridge-based edition of Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Paradox Me realizes that he is a low-down, dirty, stinking Nintendo fanboy. Only not low-down. Or dirty. He probably smells quite pleasant.

I've just come to the realization that.. I'm a fanboy! D:

A fanboy of what, you ask? Nintendo. Yes, I am perhaps one of the saddest creatures in gaming.

It never really hit me until now, but I finally put the pieces together.

-I glance around my room, the walls covered in The Legend of Zelda posters.

-I still have just about every major Nintendo console in my closet, and that over half of (the games in my) collection are for Nintendo systems.


-Nintendo is the very first thing that comes to mind when I think video games. They essentially are video games to me.

-I genuinely think the Wii was a stellar gaming system with a library that rivals the N64 and GameCube.


-I'm constantly fighting the urge to hug them, despite the fact that they are a company - a non-huggable entity.

Maybe fanboy is the wrong word, because I'm able to acknowledge their flaws.

-The 3DS launching with a single circle pad years after Sony made the same mistake with the PSP.


-Friend Codes and lackluster online functionality.

-The Wii U pretty much locks Nintendo in for another 5+ years of being a generation behind the competition. Not a huge problem to me (see: "The Wii is stellar" comment), but they've essentially lost both developer support and a large chunk of the "hardcore" audience (see: "Wii makes my eyes bleed" crowd).


Anywho, to give this a little bit of purpose, which (if any) companies do you consider to be the bee's knees?

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