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He's Got The Largest Video Game Collection In The World

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

With more than 11,000 titles spanning the width and breadth of gaming history, Michael Thomasson is the holder of Guinness World Record for the largest video game collection. That's love. Or obsession. Maybe both.

We tend to shy away from the "awards" published in the Gamers' Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records every year, mainly because the book is filled with arbitrary categories that feel like they've been created by a marketing team to highlight specific games. This one's legit though — there's a video of the Guinness folks invading Thomasson's Buffalo, New York home and counting the hell out of every game they could find before declaring him the new record holder (via GoNintendo).

According to the AP report, Thomasson's collection isn't limited to popular video game consoles, and it isn't only good games and popular consoles — he's got some real crap down there.

"I have games on cartridge, laser disc. I have VHS-based games, cassette-based games," Thomasson said, standing among the collection that fills the basement of his suburban Buffalo home.

Along with the games, he has the devices to play them on, not only the Xboxes and PlayStations but obscure ones like the Casio Loopy, the only game system specifically geared toward girls, which came out in Japan in 1995, and the Pippin, a dud released by Apple the same year.

"Every game on it is awful," Thomasson says of Apple's foray into the gaming world. "It's the least fun of anything in the house.


Oh, how times have changed.

The official record, which will appear in the 2014 edition of the creative world record marketing manual, lists the collection at 10,607 games strong, though Thomasson says the number is now more than 11,000, a year after the official count was completed.


The previous record holder, crowned in 2010, was one Richard Lecce, who only had a mere 8,616 games in his collection, the lightweight.

"My congratulations to a fellow collector," Lecce, 39, said by phone from his Florida home upon hearing his record had fallen. "It's very impressive and I'm very happy for him."