Heroes Of The Storm Welcomes Warcraft's Mightiest Sorceress

Along with some holiday-themed outfits and the introduction of timed stimpack buffs, the latest update for Blizzard's Heroes of the Storm does frost mages everywhere proud. You show 'em, Jaina.

Lady Jaina Proudmoore, leader of the Kirin Tor and ruler of Dalaran. She's been kicking ass in Warcraft since back before there was a world of it, and she was romantically involved with the Lich King prior to the Lich King bits. Blizzard's put Jaina through hell, so it's about time she got a little payback.

As a player who has rolled with an frost mage way before they were cool (if such a time exists), I suddenly have the urge to play some Heroes of the Storm.


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