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Heroes Of The Storm Players Take Three Bullets For The Team, Still Survive

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Starcraft assassin Nova can be a terror like no other in Heroes of the Storm. CAN be. Thankfully one of her most powerful attacks is counter-able thanks to the fine art of body blocking. A team in a recent HOTS game showed us all how to expertly brush the once-infuriating sniper.

One of Nova’s two ultimate abilities in Heroes is “triple tap.” It fires three super-charged shots from her sniper rifle in quick succession. It can easily destroy an enemy target, so generous (and wise) teammates will often jump in front of the bullet’s trajectory to try and save whoever’s about to die. In a recent match captured and shared by HOTS redditor AEIUyo, two teammates go to absurd lengths to try and save their ally Jaina. Miraculously, all three of them survive:


What’s particularly awesome about this save is that it happens against a level 23 Nova. Normally a Nova player who chooses triple tap also selects its obscenely powerful level 20 upgrade that instantly resets the cooldown if the original target is killed. She could’ve wiped out all three of them then. If only she’d landed that first kill.

Talk about heroic teammates! GG, guys.

Lead image via Jaina’s trailer.

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