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HeroClix TabApp Elite Turns DC Superheroes Into Skylanders

Illustration for article titled HeroClix emTabApp Elite/em Turns DC Superheroes Into Skylanders

Late last year the HeroClix folks introduced TabApp, an iOS and Android app that utilizes physical toys to play a relatively limited video game. This year they spice things up with TabApp Elite, giving the toys a Skylanders-esque base station and a much more interesting game to play.


My main complaint with the original TabApp was that they did absolutely nothing with the spinny, clicky bases that define HeroClix toys. Sure, the figures could be used in the physical game, but in the app they were nothing more that plastic placeholders for virtual characters. With TabApp Elite, the dials matter, switching characters like Batman and Superman between different combat roles in a hex-based action strategy game that plays a a lot like Activision's Skylanders Battlegrounds, the flagship game of that franchise's mobile push.


Here's how TabApp Elite works. First, download the free app from iTunes or Google Play. Then, realizing it isn't much of a game without the figures, go to the store and get some. You can get the starter kit with Superman and the ClixStation for $18.99 on Amazon. Might want to pick up some additional characters, keeping in mind that the DC figures from the original TabApp will work in the new game as well, just by placing them on the screen. Finally, ignore any instructions and fumble about for five minutes while recording a video.

And that's it! Action strategy fun with big-headed versions of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and more, and a big plastic thing with a horrible speaker. Seriously guys, fix that speaker.

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Batman seems a little down...