Here's Your Weekly Instalment of Half-Life 3 Trolling

Don't get your hopes up, but there's a website on the internet with a giant Half-Life 3 logo on it that's been doing the rounds today, tugging rudely on people's heartstrings.

It's slick, it goes to the trouble of adding copyright notices and the essential "small logos" that lend credibility to the site, but come on. This is not how video games are revealed.


Well, it might be, but come on. The website's URL is, with Black Aperture being the name of a blogging theme for video games. And it's registered not to Valve, but some dude called David Hassen.

Why, then, do I point this out? For two reasons. One, that HL3 logo would make one hell of a wallpaper (so I've resized it accordingly). And two, when you crank the brightness up on the thing, you get a little Valve-related surprise that's a cute touch from whichever troll put this thing together.

Half-Life 3 [Black Aperture]

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