Here's Your Mortal Kombat v DC Joker

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Announced on Friday, unveiled today is the character art for the Joker, as he'll appear in the upcoming Mortal Kombat v DC fighter from Midway. As great as the most recent silver screen portrayal of the character may be, it's nice to see the team showing a little restraint and going for the "classic" joker, even if he looks a little more top-heavy than we remember.


I'm glad they went with "Classic Joker". The Dark Knight was a great movie and all, but to hop on the bandwagon and throw the Heath Ledger version in there would be odd.

I do find it funny though that people are acting like Heath Ledger invented the Joker. He did a great job with it...but the character existed before he portrayed him.

Is the Batman the version from Dark Knight? Is Catwoman the Michelle Pieffer version?

That Joker fits in perfectly as he looks up top. He looks WAY more intimidating with his clean cut demeanor.