The iPad might not fit in your pocket, but you'll find there are plenty of places around your house you can store it safely, like in my pants.

Believe it or not, the first image in this gallery was by popular demand, perhaps hoping to create a set with Totilo's DSi XL picture. Unfortunately, while the rest of me is soft and giving, my ass is chiseled from granite. Yes, I just wrote "my ass is chiseled from granite." So rather than subject my iPad to that punishment, I went for a full frontal shot.

Check out the gallery below for several more appropriate places to stick your iPad.

I bought them from Target.


The iPad fits conveniently between your couch cushions.

Store it with other popular and successful computer products!


Refrigerate after opening.

My girlfriend's purse fits it perfectly. She shall never touch it.


My netbook pouch fits it perfectly.

My laptop backpack might be a bit too big.


Yep, not fitting in the pocket.

Why not hide a tasteless purchase within a more tasteful one?