Here's what's going on Talk Among Yourselves, our reader-written blog: Who dislikes FPSes? TheUnfathomableTruth does and the explanation—a response to DocSeuss' Why I Can't Stand 2D Games—is right here. JJthe Texan takes a hard look at the Wii U, calling it an unwanted console. Harsh, dude. The Mushroom Kingdom's dangerous flora and fauna get visual updates as Stormborn's Super Mario Brothers redesigns continue. And AstroKid 248 keeps the Last-Gen Heroes flame alive by praising the outgoing era's storytelling evolution.


Don't forget that you can always go join the voices talking about video games and life in TAY Classic and in the TAY: Open Forum.

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Fuck. Second time in a row I've not been featured. I'm losing my edge.

You guys won't get the FPS thing if you don't read my thing, which is what TUT is responding to. Or, rather, Astro and Duck responded to me, and TUT beat them to it.