Here's What You'll Miss In The Bad Company 2 Multiplayer Beta

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If you're not a PlayStation 3 owner or you aren't planning on preordering Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you won't be seeing this action until at least next month.

Unless of course you are a game journalist like our own Stephen Totilo, who discussed his hands-on time with the game earlier today. Judging by this footage, I find myself a little envious. It looks endlessly entertaining.


The PS3 multiplayer beta kicks off on the 19th. After that, PC players get an open beta in December, and a full multiplayer demo drops everywhere next year. If this is your only taste, savor it!

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Visuals are actually surprisingly good; game looks considerably better than MW2 in the graphics department, at least.

Gameplay-wise, though, I dunno. I haven't played any of the Battlefield games to a serious degree since my entire floor freshman year ran a LAN game of Battlefield 1942 over the campus network by passing one person's disc around to each person, letting them boot the map, then passing it to the next guy.

On Hard, the Battle of Normandy took us SIX HOURS to beat, but it was the most epic thing ever. But after something like that you kinda just burn out on a franchise, y'know? #battlefieldbadcompany2