Here's What You Get For Preordering Skate 3

EA's Skate 3 might not come with a high tech plastic skateboard controller like its chief "competition," but putting money down on the sequel does earn you this nifty exclusive skate park.

Now that I think about it, "Doesn't come with a high tech plastic skateboard controller" could actually be a selling point. Easily as attractive a feature as the Black Box Distribution skate park here, which preorder customers will have access to as soon as the game ships this May. I will personally mail EA cookies if that blurb makes it onto the game sleeve.


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I do love the "skate" games, as an old skateboarder it suits me very well. But they are releasing them too frequent now.. Show some variation and give us a good surf game already, we have been waiting way to long to catch some digital bombs, and please dont go all tony hawk over it.