Here's What The New Batmobile Looks Like

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Another movie with Batman in it, another re-design for the Batmobile. This one looks like something halfway between a car and a tank.

With filming underway for Batman v Superman, director Zack Snyder unveiled the Bat-car that Bruce Wayne will be driving in the upcoming DC Comics/Warner Bros. movie. This doesn't look anything like the images that went around earlier today, but those shots could be what it looks like after a few super-punches. Or it might be another vehicle altogether. [Note: Many readers are pointing out that this could be the same car from different angles. That could very well be the case.]


Visual re-imaginings for The Dark Knight's vehicle of choice have happened in nearly every Bat-film and in most of the other non-comic adaptations. This one's the bulkiest one yet, probably owing to the heavy reference that the movie will be making to Frank Miller's classic The Dark Knight Returns.

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Jeremy Effinger

Why does it have a gun on the front? Batman doesn't use guns...