It's no surprise that Deep Silver's zombie title is getting an M-rating. The certificate just handed to it by the ESRB is still a little interesting for the bits of details it gives up from the game, from dialogue to gameplay features.

From the listing, we get these details:

• Bats, knives, axes, shotguns, rifles all are weapons.

• Headstomps available in melee (we kind of knew this).

• Alcoholic beverages can be acquired/consumed to increase damage, but the screen will blur.

• One mission involves the recovery of illegal drugs for a character suffering from withdrawal.

• References to incest and child molestation (in dialogue only).

• Usage of words such as "fuck" and "shit."


Dead Island releases Sept. 6

ESRB Slaps Zombie Action/RPG Dead Island With a Mature Rating [RipTen]

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