Here's What Game You Should Be Playing This Weekend

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Hey y’all! Riley’s probably off playing The Witcher 3 somewhere already, so I’m taking over for him. Happy three day weekend!


This weekend I’m going to be DMing my first tabletop roleplaying game as a treat for my friend’s birthday. We both wanted to play The Sprawl, a cyberpunk themed game, so I volunteered to take the reins so he could enjoy himself. I’m just hoping I don’t screw it all up.

What are you playing this holiday weekend? If you don’t have a game on your radar, I made quiz that might help:

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Jaqen H'ghar

I haven’t gotten very deep into the Witcher 3 but I just started it recently after having it since it released (had been playing through the first 2 but after a long delay after getting halfway through 2 I decided to just watch the rest and start 3). It’s pretty damn good so far, I just hate playing it cause it makes me think of how good a Game of Thrones game would look in that engine. Too bad they didn’t put out the same modding set as the second game or we could have one.

Here are some pics of my playthrough: