You know that Square Enix games have a certain look. The outfits, the weapons, and the hair all look very Square Enix-y. So if you thought a live-action TV based on a Square Enix game would look like, well, Square Enix, then you'd be right.

Based on a card battle game for iOS, Android, and PS Vita, Jitsuzai-Sei Million Arthur follows the adventures of three knights named Arthur in a 15-minute televised episodes of this CG-heavy live-action show.

According to Gamer, the show's cast is entirely women. The late night program is billing itself as "Girls entertainment maybe like nobody has ever seen before!"

There also appears to be a variety show element:

Jitsuzai-Sei Million Arthur starts this October in Japan.

「拡散性ミリオンアーサー」が実写ドラマ化! [Gamer]

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