Here's Warren Spector's full DICE talk about grown-up gaming (and his distaste for Lollipop Chainsaw).


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I actually enjoyed listening to him, too bad he had to taint it with the dig at Suda 51, because that's all people are going to talk about. I think he should have listened to his words a little more carefully, gaming should be a wide and diverse medium with different things that cater to different people.

He got to make games his way, and Suda should be able to make games the way he wants. He's right, we don't have forever, so it's kind of dispassionate to say a certain game shouldn't be made which kind of nullified some of the points he was making. There are things you'll outgrow as far as tastes, and there are games you'll take umbrage with, but that's a good thing. Gaming should be as diverse as movies in that right, and they are. Whether it's big budget or small and indie, crass or thought provoking, challenging or a breezy time-waster, they should all have their place.