Here's Usher Nailing (And Whiffing) Some High Notes at Microsoft's E3 Press Conference

Press conference musical performances are always a bit mortifying for all involved. The stage sucks, the audience isn't there for music, and no one's been drinking. (Well, almost no one. These are journalists, after all.)


Usher's performance for Dance Central 3 at the Microsoft E3 press conference was no different. As Mike Fahey pointed out, Usher asked everyone to get on their feet, and yet most of the people didn't feel like getting on their feet. The people who were on their feet? The ushers, of course.

Seriously though, it's super hard to dance like this and sing, and he's clearly not lip-synching, so; rock on, Ush-man. It ain't easy to do a press conference gig, but you did admirably.


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Darrisbob1 - ☆彡

*Usher asks everyone to stand up*

*no one stands up*

*asks again a bit later*

*still not standing*

That's right audience, you tell him who's boss. I like Harmonix and I like Dance Central, but I do not care for Usher.

Ha, I remember the tweet: "Ironically, the only people standing in the crowd are the ushers." Was that you, Kirk? I forget.