Here's Two Hours of Some People Playing Firefall

Red 5's Firefall is an upcoming shooter whose development is being led by Mark Kern, former Team Lead on World of Warcraft. All we've seen lately about the game is some cosplay, so let's get back to basic with gameplay footage. Two hours of it.


[thanks Tony!]



Unreal Tournament with upgradeable kits and jetpacks? - Nice

"Quartermasters" - Ugh. That and sure was a lot of guys sitting around pvp queue terminals doing nothing. Sounds fermiliar.

"Gear is balanced for PvP and then the open world is balanced around that gear" - Interesting

I like that the third-person and first-person views look like they both work just fine. Usually no one in their right mind would play an MMO in first person, and the opposite would be true with an FPS MMO.

Looks fun. There are already a lot of FPS MMOs out there but they are all Pay2Win, so this is worth a shot.