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Here's The New GamePro Mag: It's Quarterly, Bigger and "Kicks a Lot of Ass"

Illustration for article titled Heres The New GamePro Mag: Its Quarterly, Bigger and Kicks a Lot of Ass

GamePro magazine recently went quarterly but that doesn't mean you should count it out. The folks over at GamePro just dropped their cover on the net, saying that the new "periodical" is the last great video game magazine.


Going quarterly means it forces a magazine to be more thoughtful, less tied to time pegs, and a much better read if it wants to succeed. Here's hoping GamePro achieves all of that.

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I really miss many of the old gaming mags I used to read.

Next Generation - I loved how clean and straightforward it was in its design and approach to journalism. It's pretty much the only gaming mag I'd say actually engaged in what deserves to be called "journalism." Very smart magazine. From what I remember, it lost a lot of its charm after being drastically redesigned near the end of its run.

Game Players - I read this one more for the ridiculous humor than for actual gaming information. Maybe I was just the right age to appreciate the brand of immaturity it was offering, but damn it, this was one of the funniest magazines I've ever read.

EGM - Probably overall the best of them all, in my opinion. A great balance of quality gaming news delivered with a fun, humorous tone. And in the early '00s, cripes, those were some THICK, 200+ page issues on a regular basis. I tried the relaunched version, but it's just not the same.

Nintendo Power - A perfect magazine back in the days before looking up strategies online was possible, it seems to have lost most of its relevance. I still actually subscribe to this one, though, mainly because my cynical, jaded 26-year-old ass is desperate to recapture the unbridled enthusiasm for gaming I felt in my youth, and this magazine offers a decent monthly shot of nostalgia for me.

GamePro - I remember liking it when I was, like 8, but eventually it just felt kinda cheap and lame in comparison to EGM and Next Generation.

It feels like we're pretty much just left with Game Informer as the only gaming magazine that seems to be capable of achieving any level of success these days, and that's only because you're basically forced into a lifetime subscription if you so much as wander past a GameStop. Oh well. It's a perfectly serviceable read, I suppose.

Any, TL;DR, I know.