Here's The First Trailer For Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII [UPDATE]

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Square Enix returns to the well one more time next year with another Final Fantasy XIII spinoff, this one called Lightning Returns. Below, the game's first trailer. That's... quite the outfit change you've had there, Lightning.


You can read a lot more about the game in this exclusive interview we had with its creators back in October.


UPDATE - Sorry, the video has been taken down. Looks like it went up early as an accident. If you didn't catch it, unlucky!

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII [GameTrailers]

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Trailer

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I like how Square Enix has completely and utterly disposed of the concept of a party in this game. It's like they heard people complaining that you couldn't control your party members in XIII and XIII-2 and just went 'FINE! NO PARTY MEMBERS FOR YOU AT ALL, THEN!'

I will never understand their fascination with Lightning. She isn't a horrible character (that slot is held by Vanille and Serah), she's just aggressively bland. She's like Rinoa. At least Cloud was a sarcastic jackass in FFVII before they remade him into a near-mute emo for the Compilation games, but Lightning doesn't even have that going for her. She's like walking scenery, and not even particularly well-designed scenery with that ridiculous costume and stupid hairstyle.

I think at this point I'm just going to have to accept that Versus is never coming out and Square is probably never going to release something I want to play ever again. My heart just can't take any further disappointment.