Here's the First Public Look at UFC 3 Gameplay

This is a huge weekend for competitive gaming, especially with the EVO World Championships going on in Las Vegas. At the premier fighting-game event, THQ is showing off early builds of UFC Undisputed 3, due for release early next year.


This video features Urijah Faber versus Dominick Cruz, and gives a better look at UFC 3's new submission system. There are more videos at the link, with a direct download available should any of these videos be removed by YouTube.

First UFC Undisputed 3 Gameplay Videos [Pasta Padre]

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All the videos but the last one are down, but from what I've seen the game looks damn near identical. They've been using that same damn Rampage character model with the Kanye cheeks for going on four years. The animations I saw were the same. The ring looked the same. The crowds looked the same.

Don't get me wrong, I played and loved both of THQ's last UFC games, and will buy, play, and probably really enjoy this one, but what started out as the most promising new sports franchise back in 2007 feels like the new Smackdown vs. Raw, where each year brings just enough incremental changes to keep fans happy and buying but not enough freshness to expand past the fan base.