Here's That Wii Third Party Sales Proof You Requested

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You want third party software sales data for the Wii? You got it. The always helpful, always ready with a sales charts folks at Nintendo have provided us with a handy line graph showing off the success that third parties have had on its console. It's devoid of confusing first-party data, which mucks up the numbers, and "demonstrates that third parties on Wii are tracking ahead of both PS3 and 360."

On display are the first nineteen months of each console's lifecycle. That impressive upward tick on the blue line — the Wii line — starts its ascent right around the time that Guitar Hero III made its way to the Wii platform. Now who says third party games don't sell on the Wii? Oh, everyone who's not Activision? Well, zip it.

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@Erwin: LOL. I think the problem is really quite simple to figure out: When Nintendo announced they were planning a new system, everyone said "big deal, you fucked the pooch twice in a row!"

When they announced Wii specifically a lot of folks said "Um, interesting, but how about we wait and see how that pans out? Looks like a fad to me"

When the console was playable at E3 2006 and was the hit of the show, leaving both MS and Sony (especially Sony, it was hilarious to watch the PS3's standing with tiny lines, and in some cases no lines at all, while the Wii line wrapped around the whole convention center!) looking a little embarrassed, a handful of devs said "quick, port over something fast, just in case!" while the rest said "interesting, but let's keep waiting".

When it launched and rocketed to the top of the charts, a few more devs said "Quick, let's port our PS2 games, tack on motion controls and cash in!" while many more still said "umm...yeah but it's early, let's wait a bit more".

A year later, the thing's *still* sold out, leaving PS3 and 360 in the dust *combined*, and now everyone says "oh fuck! What'll we do?! We gotta cash in fast, then we'll make some real games!"

And so now the real games are in the pipe, a tiny handful have released, but the best is yet to come. As we have been hearing from Sony time and time again, year after year and press release after press release, just wait! :)

Short sighted publishers make slackers of developers en masse!