Here's That Mystery Sun and Moon Pokémon, Revealed

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Remember how last month fans spotted an unannounced monster hidden in the Pokémon Sun and Moon trailers? Welp, turns out it wasn’t a fake-out. Meet Iwanko, drawn here by Tumblr artist kokoro.

This rendition is based on the recent Japanese magazine, CoroCoro, which actually includes two new ‘mon. According to Serebii, Iwanko is a rock-type puppy, and it is cute as hell.

The other Pokémon is called Nekkoala, and it has a special ability that prevents enemies from afflicting it with any status that is not sleep. Though we can’t reprint CoroCoro scans here out of courtesy, here are some fan renditions of the sleepy critter:


Game Freak sure knows how to design an adorable monster, huh?

If you’d like to view the official renditions of Nokkoala and Iwanko, head on over to Serebii.

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