Sean Hogan, one of the two guys behind the delightful Anodyne, is not Electronic Arts. He's not Ubisoft, either. Or Activision.


He is instead a man who, like Hotline Miami's Jonatan Soderstrom, isn't terribly concerned with people pirating his game.


Sure, he doesn't exactly have billions of dollars riding on his multinational business like big publishers, but his stance is still one worth looking at.

"Yeah, piracy is inevitable so it's better to embrace it—plus, it gives lots of people who couldn't normally afford the game the opportunity to play it—and I think when you're a small group of developers (only my friend Jon and I made Anodyne), it's better to have lots of people able to experience your game," he said on Reddit (via "We hope enough people will like it and the word will get out, eventually allowing us to get onto Steam, which then lets more people see and play Anodyne!"

Interestingly, despite Hogan's enthusiasm, the game has very recently been removed from torrent site The Pirate Bay, a move he says has nothing to do with the developers.


Anodyne dev: It's better to embrace piracy []

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