You Can Never Really Have Enough Zelda-Like Indie Games

This is Anodyne, a top-down 16-bit Zelda-like game created by two guys: Sean Hogan and Jonathan Kittaka.

On one hand, we've seen a lot of action-adventure indies that try to clone that addictive, delightful, swipe-solve formula that makes the Zelda games so good. On the other hand, can you really have enough Zelda clones? I say no, and that's why I'm looking forward to checking out Anodyne, which costs $8 and came out this week for PC, Mac, and Linux. The creators are also trying to get it on Steam Greenlight.

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Aric w/ an "A"

I agree. You can never have enough Zelda clones.

For that matter, I want more Metroidvania clones damnit! Capcom - there's your next X or Zero game. Use multiplayer like Castlevania HD, but with more structure.

There you go, free of charge. I will accept my name in the credits though.