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Here's How You Can Make Your Very Own Ramen Burger

Remember that ramen burger we wrote about a few months ago? It's only available in Japan and New York...but it's not like you can't make your own.


popsugartvyum here walks us through it—mind, this is the kind of ramen burger that uses the ramen as buns, not as the patty. I'm sure you could adapt this to be a ramen-patty burger easily (if not to be the kind that uses have pork cutlet and mayonnaise, like the original), though, since the more nebulous part is the ramen itself—which she shows you how to cook. Either way, this treat looks delicious. I know what I'm having for dinner sometime this weekend.


Make a Ramen Burger at Home! | Food Trends | Food How To [popsugartvyum]

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