Crysis developers Crytek (or, at least, their Kiev satellite studio) have been working on Warface, a multiplayer shooter for the PC that while looking entirely unremarkable also boasts visuals that look bloody amazing.

The game's actually playable right now, and what's more it's free! But there's a catch: it's only live in Russia, and the Cyrillic alphabet is a nightmare to try and decipher if it's not your native script.

Thankfully, PC Gamer have released this trusty guide to getting into the game, which thankfully includes the option to switch to English after the game's installed.


If you're wondering "why Russia?", remember: 14% of Steam users speak Russian, so they make up a pretty damn significant percentage of the world's PC market.

Also: the trailer above. Is that the Team Fortress 2 announcer?

How to install Warface, Crytek's upcoming F2P shooter, and play right now [PC Gamer]