Any aspiring artists out there? Or people who just enjoy drawing, um, breasts? Well, here's a helpful guide.

Note: This post contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Artist Meghan Hetrick created this how-to a while back, but recently it's caught a second wind online in Japan, getting retweeted a couple thousand times.

"One of my biggest peeves in the art world is that of improperly drawn boobies," Hetrick wrote on her DeviantArt page. "Now I'm not knocking anyone's knockers in particular, but if you're trying to draw NATURAL boobies folks, pornos and nudie mags are NOT your best reference sources."

So, if you've ever wanted to know how to draw real breasts (or "boobies" as Meghan playfully calls them), this tongue-in-cheek guide might help:


If only somebody would make a marvelous how-to for man boobs!

外国人が日本人の描く 「奇形おっぱい」 に苦言 「ノー。ホントウのおっぱいはこうだ!!!!!!!」 [2ch]

Top image: Meghan Hetrick

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