Here's Fallout 4 Streaming On a PS Vita

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Tweeted out today by Bethesda, the above image shows off the PlayStation Vita’s ability to run Fallout 4, streamed from a PS4. Not a bad perk, if you’ve got the gear.

Bethesda also noted that the controls for Vita—which has fewer shoulder buttons than a PS4 controller but more options for touch input—were handled by Josh Hamrick, a designer at Bethesda. That’s good news, because Hamrick used to work at Bungie where he apparently worked on that studio’s Remote Play Vita control scheme for Destiny. The biggest Destiny player on our staff noted last year that Destiny’s Vita controls were unusually good.

We’ve asked Bethesda if they’d like to share more details about Fallout 4’s Vita controls. No reply yet.


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Don’t you have to be near the PS4 to do this? If that’s the case, why not just play it on your PS4?