Here’s a quick rundown of the games that have been announced so far for the Steam Next Fest:

A giant pig in the middle of an ancient stone ruin sits atop a mound of food with his stomach covered in mud and glowing with an orange hue.
Oh bother, I hope this is a friend.
Screenshot: Hello Games
A fox triumphantly lifts his new sword as he stands in the middle of a stone terrain surrounded by bushes.
It’s dangerous out there, little fox.
Screenshot: Finji / Kotaku
As a wooden village is ablaze, a giant fire creature winds up his arms to swing his giant sword as the hero runs out of harms way.
Sometimes cowardice is the way to go.
Screenshot: Devata Game Production

While not all of these games have firm release dates, according to Steam, all the games previewed during the Steam Next Event are required to have a release window between October 7, 2021 and May 1, 2022. So if that qualification is anything to go off of, you can expect all of these games to hit the most popular PC storefront within the year.