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Here's Everything That Comes With The $500 'Day One' Xbox One

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Some of you already have pre-orders in for the Xbox One and it's simply a matter of waiting until you can find out when it's actually going to be in stores. You might think you already know enough about Microsoft's next-gen console but, this morning, the folks in Redmond are showing off what comes with a very special version of the Xbox One.


A new unboxing video on the Xbox One site opens up the cardboard enclosure that the console will be shipping in, offering a look at the bits and pieces you'll need to assemble in the right order. This isn't just any old Xbox One that's being unboxed, though. It's a limited edition Day One version. Relevant details from the accompanying blog post:

In the video, we are unboxing the Xbox One Day One edition – which includes an Xbox One console, Kinect, a specially branded DAY ONE 2013 controller with chrome D-pad, the Xbox One Chat Headset, a 4K rated HDMI cable, power supply and a code for a Day One digital achievement. This will be available in limited quantities.

The Xbox One console is state of the art - a 500GB hard drive, slot load Blu-ray drive, IR blaster port, HDMI input and output connectors, a S/PDIF interface, new Kinect sensor port, three USB 3.0 Super Speed ports, Wired and Wireless network support and a Kensington Security Slot.

The chat on Xbox One offers 3x the sampling rate of the Xbox 360. The quality of the Xbox One Chat Headset speaker and microphone have been upgraded to take advantage of the much improved audio quality. It’s also super lightweight-only 44g-with a padded earpiece that can be worn on either your left or right ear, and a bendable, rotating mic boom. You can control mute and volume without taking your hands off the controller.


Now, you might remember Microsoft previously stated that the Xbox One's headset isn't shipping with the console. But based on the info above, it appears that at least the Day One edition will let you start screaming at other firsters as soon as you hook things up.


UPDATE: The video above says that both Day One and Standard editions of the Xbox One will be shipping with the headset.

UPDATE 2: After being contacted by Kotaku, Microsoft confirmed that every Xbox One will ship with a headset:

We’re always thinking about what’s next for the platform, and adding the Chat Headset is something we’ve been discussing internally for some time. We heard from gamers that a headset was an important part of the gaming experience, so we decided to include the Xbox One Headset in the Xbox One bundle.


Here are some close-up videos for the headset, charging kit and controller, too: