Here's an Unsettling 8-Bit Horror Game. Sleep Well!

This is Survival Horror Story: Catequesis, an 8-bit horror game with religious undertones. It's... pretty scary.


Above we have the newest trailer for SHS, which, as you might recall, stars Daniel, a boy trying to rescue his girlfriend. As you can see, the game is aiming for a good, dark atmosphere rather than graphical fidelity. I'd say they nailed it. Gameplay is, according to the developers, reminiscent of the first Zelda, with an ambience similar to Silent Hill's or Resident Evil's.


SHS: Catequesis hits the PC sometimes next year—a delay compared to its previously-announced release date of 2013 fall. A damn shame, really, but here's hoping they'll finish up soon. You can keep an eye on the game here if you're interested.

SHS: Catequesis [Official Site]

SHS: Catequesis Teaser Trailer II [YouTube]

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If I see another article with this "ooh look it's 8-bit" despite graphics clearly leaning more toward 16-bit I will scream.

Sure, the sprites are big and blocky like 8-bit but the rest of the graphics, like profile shots and the colours used are 16-bit.

Why is this so common?