What's more scary, near photo-realistic horror, or incredibly well-crafted 16-bit horror? I've a feeling that question will receive a definitive answer when Catequesis launches for Android, Mac and PC this fall.

The absorbing story of Catequesis has been inspired by 8-bit and 16-bit mid-nineties video games, taking elements from Japanese terror, Catholic religion and so dissimilar authors’ styles as Lovecraft, David Lynch or David Cronenberg.


That description, borrowed from the press materials for Pakarico Games and Curved Cat Games' upcoming interactive retro horror story, is one of the most compelling sentences I've read in ages. I've been following the development of Catequesis over at SlideDB for quite some time, but up until now I've only seen teasing glimpses of the game to come. Now there's something meatier.

Daniel is meeting her girlfriend’s parents for the first time. After dinner, Sophie confesses to him that her father suffers from an incurable disease and the only way to save him is to perform a religious rite led by her neighbour Isabel. Something turns out badly, weird creatures seize the building and Sophie and Isabel disappear. Fate makes Daniel walk along the floors of that old structure and it's core, facing different horrors on his attempt to rescue Sophie and end the curse.


A mature, scary story layered on top of old-school graphics is always an exquisite treat. Mixing horror with the welcoming familiarity of pixel art just makes it that much more terrifying.

Catequesis is coming this fall to Android, PC and Mac. You can sign up at the official website for updates. You should do that. And stop thinking about Zelda and Silent Hill having sex.

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