Here's An Excellent Cyberpunk Mask

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This year, more than ever, people are wearing face masks. Twitter user Shuka, who specializes in cyberpunk designs, created this cool-looking face mask.


The mask has three different ways to wear it, from a chin guard to a mask and a full-face covering. I imagine wearing a filter or medical mask underneath would make quite a cool-looking fashion statement during this global pandemic.


This is a computer render. You can see the mask, and the three different ways it can be worn below.

Shuka also made a striking oni (demon) version as well, horns and all.


Which version do you prefer? 

Follow Shuka on Twitter for more cyberpunk creations. 

Tweets have been published with permission.

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Shuka seems to specialize in 3D printed cybernetic parts and futuristic weapons for 1/12 scale dolls...which is possibly the most 21st century Japanese thing I can imagine, and I’m totally here for it. 🤣 They also seem quite the deft hand with Fusion 360, be cool to see a tutorial on modeling this sort of thing... 🤔